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100% Kona Coffee -- Pre-Measured Pouch

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6 - 1.76 oz packages (ground medium roast)


16 - 1.76 oz packages (ground medium roast)


*** This pouch contains one convenient, pre-measured 8-cup pot of paradise.

100% Kona Coffee -- Whole Bean

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1- 12 oz, Medium Roast


2- 12 oz, Medium Roast


3- 12 oz, Medium Roast


5 lb, Medium Roast


5 lb, Green (non-roasted)


100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee

Hawaiian Kona Coffee is truly one of the most prized coffees grown in the world. A perfect combination of sun, soil, and weather conditions, along with the tender loving care put into producing each small batch, are the reasons that Kona coffee is one of the world’s most sought after and respected premium gourmet coffees. We sell only 100% prime grade and above Kona coffee. (Never settle for a blend!). The medium roast brings out the rich smooth body of our Kona coffee beans. Slight spice and chocolate notes with a vibrant acidity compliment its citrus aroma. Our beans are picked by hand, roasted and promptly sealed into air tight packages to ensure that you will enjoy a perfect cup of paradise every time!
For your convenience and added value, become a Pot of Paradise loyalty member. Your coffee will be automatically shipped to you monthly in the quantities of your choice.

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